James pillaged through his closet, tossing out shoes and handbags and scarfs, and ties over his shoulder in his rampage. “Mary,” he yelled, “Have you seen my-“

"-Trainers?" Her soft voice said from behind him. He glance over his shoulder and let out a sigh of relief before straighting up and retrieving the shoes hanging off her index and middle finger.

"What would I do without ya, girl?"

"Wither and die, of course."

He gave her a kiss on the temple, one on the lips before heading towards the front door. The pitter patter of small feet greeted him and he turned, bent, and scooped up the child lunging for him with arms wide open.

"Hey babygirl," he grinned at the little thing with her father’s locks and her mother’s big blue eyes. She was small for her age; the runt of the family.

"You goin’ to work, daddy?" she quipped in her little squeaky voice.

"I am, I am."

"Ca’ I come wiv you, daddy?"

"You know you can’t, Angel." Her face fell and he nearly broke down and agreed if he weren’t an auror and it wouldn’t break several rules and probably count as child abuse to bring her out onto the field. Charlus had put an end to the war before it even started, but there were still plenty of crooked dark magic doers out there that needed tending to. "I tell you what," he said now as he bent and set the little girl on her feet so they were the same level. "I’ll go to work and when I come home I’ll take you to that special spot mummy’s always telling you stories about."

"But I thought that was on’y meant for the two of you," her round eyes grew larger with excitment. There was an undeniable hint of mischief inside her endless innocence.

"That’s the one," he told her with a grin. He then pointed to his cheek and she gave him a kiss there before the pitter patter returned as she left man and wife alone. Mary stood in the door way smirking at him.

"I’m not sure how I feel about you taking another girl to my hideout."

He straightened up and cocked an eyebrow at her, “Are you jealous, Mrs. Potter?”

She let him pull her closer, stretching her arms around his neck, “Absolutely, my husband.”

"Well," he said against her lips, "I regret to inform you that my other girl stole my heart from your possession. I’d give her my life if she wanted it."

Mary gasped but botched it by beaming at him. She leaned back, but not enough to remove her arms from his shoulders. “Two years old and already a pistol like her father. I’m in for a rough fifteen years, aren’t I?”

James grinned, reaching back for the door knob but not before planting another kiss to her lips. “Come now, if your didn’t like the trouble you’d have gotten rid of me years ago.”

"Oh, I s’pose you’re right. I have always had an undying love for troublemakers."

"And I, wanderers." He winked before disappearing around the other side of the door.

So this was his life now. With Mary. Same as it had always been, only now with a child in the mix. A little girl; Annalee Grace. Small for her age, the runt of the family, with the perfect mix of her mother and her father. A beauty even as a baby. Mary took care of all the animals, magic or non, while James worked at the ministry, steadily moving up the ranks until he was right under his father. They still had all the same friends, all the same outlooks on life, but a happiness to go with it that ran as deep as the ocean.

Happily ever after never look so easy.

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